When Life Hands You… Mushrooms?

I am an AWADJ. An Artist With A Day Job. And I know there are a lot of us out there. You know who you are. And as an AWADJ, some of you might have heard the following saying; employees are like mushrooms; feed them crap and leave them in the dark. It’s called Mushroom Management.

There is a considerable amount of inaccuracy when it comes to this suggestion for mushroom cultivation. I’m sure not a few mushrooms have been harmed in the propagation of this myth. More importantly however, it is the belief system that probably does more damage.

With stats on employment engagement low, workplace bullying alarmingly high, and the desire for increased collaboration and team work prevalent, the mushroom management technique can only grow anxiety, paranoia and animosity. Why anyone would think those desirable traits in a workforce boggles my brain, but for whatever reason in some places, the mushroom management technique is a common and accepted practice. I mean it’s got its own name and slogan for crying out loud.

But is it all bad? Aren’t mushrooms delicious? Why pick on mushrooms?  I love mushrooms. So does my husband. And yes they are often grown out of decay and found in the shade of some large tree. But they are beautiful things whose colour and architectural grace defy imagination. It can’t just be for their hallucinatory properties that they inspire thoughts of fairy rings and the caps on goblins.

As a bit of inspiration I’d like to offer up a little mushroom montage, courtesy of my husband and his unique eye and of course his appreciation for mushrooms.

skagway-hike-2-006-c-2006-trlskagway-hike-1-012-c-2006-trl dewey-lake-hike-3-004-c-2006-trl dewey-lake-hike-3-041-c-2006-trl  dewey-lake-hike-3-042-c-2006-trl mushroom-3-c-2006-trl

I’m not sure why we feel that feeding anyone crap and leaving them in the dark is a good way to go, but it happens. Just remember, when life hands you crap, you can use it to grow. Like mushrooms. Beautiful, pungent, don’t-give-up mushrooms.

And for those of you fond of that saying, remember, some mushrooms are poisonous.


3 thoughts on “When Life Hands You… Mushrooms?

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