National Novel Writing Month – Oh My

What was I thinking starting a blog the same week I’m into another NANOWRIMO.

For those who don’t know, NANOWRIMO also known as National Novel Writing Month, is an online event that happens in November. It is a time when writers band together in communal angst to each write 50,000 words; what constitutes a first draft of a novel. If you’ve never heard of this before or better yet if you’re all too familiar and want a ten-minute pat on the head that says ‘buck up, you are not alone’, watch this.

The Month of Writing Dangerously

So again I ask myself; why have I put even more on my plate?

Don’t I have enough words to put down on the page, without adding more? Did my day suddenly sprout two extra hours? Has my week grown two extra days? Weekend days preferably, of course. Have I learned to function on less sleep? Just so’s you know the answer to all of these questions is a resounding no. A ‘no’ with a deep bone shaking echo that fades into the universe and leaves you with a hollow cold feeling. Yeah. That kind of no. So why am I putting myself though this?

Perhaps I need an outlet to share my own angst. Perhaps after writing several novels, I am forcing myself to take the next necessary step that all authorpreneurs are taking and get myself a website/blog. Or maybe I’m afraid. I’m looking to ease so slowly into social media, [feet dragging trenches into the floor slowly] that this other challenge offers the perfect excuse for why I’m not blogging more frequently. Of course now that I’ve come right out and said it, or rather put it in print, there’s no hiding, no making excuses.

On the other hand, I might just be getting too darn cocky. Last year I finished my novel with days to spare. I don’t actually need the whole month to get my words in, do I? The full 30 days and x amount of waking hours? Naw.  I’m good. It’s all good. Well, we’ll see if hubris doesn’t just rise up out of the dust of my powdery words to bite me on the butt. And of course if she does, I’ll have to blog about it. But then I’ll have something to blog about. Hey! That’s turning a frown upside down!

Good luck to all my fellow Nanowrimo writers. Keep the faith and see you at the finish line.


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