My First Blog Ever

What can you find here? Initial sketches. Stuff I’m working on, that I’m pouring my energies into. Things I’m perspiring over. Thoughts and ideas. What keeps me going, energizes and makes me think. Makes me feel, too. Those inspirations that I want to share. Most importantly, however, this is supposed to be fun.

Remember play? Immersing yourself into an activity, a game, a book, a craft or hobby and before you know it the street lights are on, or the sun has gone down and you are in darkness and have to switch on a light to keep going. Remember that? When time becomes so elastic, so fluid that it is more spirit than science.

Maybe you find it in your work but one wouldn’t call that play. Maybe you find it in the thing that you do that makes you, you, even if you aren’t getting paid to do it, right now. That’s still not play. These efforts require so much of you. So much care and thought and planning. So much research and analyses, pros and cons and what worked and what didn’t and what can be improved upon and next time it’ll be better. And make no mistake that is all wonderful in itself. That striving and success and failure and challenge. I love it.  But that isn’t play.

Play is frivolous and free. It is in the moment. Not one second before or after. So much of our lives are not this. But you should find it. Find it and live in it every now and then. Rest with play. Recuperate with play. Rejuvenate with play. That’s what I’m going to do here.  At least that is my hope.

I am dipping my toe into the current of social media and giving myself permission to just splash around.

There will be other sites of mine that are not like this. They will be focused and purposeful. This will not be that. This will not be perfect. This will not have a plan, accept to say, there is no plan. I will try not to be too uptight about this. I will share my imperfections and foibles and not judge myself too harshly. I will be kind. Kind to you and to myself. I may rant. I may praise. These are only my opinions, imperfect as they are. And if that’s all okay with you, you can join me.

But remember, this is supposed to be fun.


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